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Traditional sports


There is a craft non-waterproof that was recovered by the ships in 1989. It is probably the only one in the world that turns on its axis and goes back to its initial position. The lifeboat has singular characteristics. It had been built in the Corbeto shipyard in Barcelona, like the other recue crafts from the same period. Despite the coincidences, none of them have a perfect balance between its structure and the distribution of the sections and the counterweight.
It is such a perfect and harmonic thing, and the crew knock over it delivery, and it goes back to its initial position. It is a real show. It has 10 meters and 15 centimetres long, 2,5 meters of waterspout and 1 meter of stanchion. There are 5 oars on each side.

Annual outings: 29 of June, 16 of July, 15 of August and 11 of September



The “Llagues” of Calafell and the “Vogadors” are two sporting body that promote sportive rowing of fixed thwart in the “catalan llagut” modality.
The “llagut” is a traditional craft used for fishing or with traffic market years ago.
When weather conditions were unfavourable, fishermen had to row trying to be the firsts to arrive to the port.
So a new phase of rivalry began and it became normal to see real regattas in the local festivities. They tried to win with the speed of their crafts
Calafell has two crafts of “catalan llagut”: “Magí” and “Samulero”, with 7,5 meters long and 2,5 of waterspout. They are used to recover the old tradition.