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Traditional Calafell gastronomy is based on fresh seafood combined to excellent effect with a variety of produce and farm products. The flagship of the local diet is, without a doubt, the succulent seafood noodles speciality known as arrossejat. A classic fisherman’s meal with humble home-cooking roots, today it can also be savoured as a genuine culinary delicacy. Of course, the town’s extensive selection of restaurants, some of which have earned international acclaim, offers visitors a near endless choice of mouth-watering alternatives, too.
More recently, a curly endive and shredded cod salad known as xató and traditionally associated with the Penedès region has undergone a dramatic town-wide revival. The dish has long been a household staple and had always been listed on the menus of certain local eateries; however, Calafell’s inclusion on the so-called “Xató Route” in 2000 gave the traditional speciality new life.
For dessert, visitors can enjoy cossetans, a relatively new sweet named after the Iberian tribe that once inhabited the lands of modern-day Calafell. The creation of local pastry chefs, who experimented until finding just the right blend of dried fruit, candied almonds or hazelnuts, chocolate and powdered cocoa, cossetans are a true treat for the taste buds.
Calafell is a member of the Turisme de Catalunya Gastronomy Club, which offers tourism boards and culinary associations advice and a range of resources to boost regional tourism through food. It likewise supports and publicises those gastronomic events, shows and campaigns held in accordance with a series of strict standards.