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Popular “Arrossejat”


There is no better way to define the traditional dish of arrossejat (rice cooked in fish broth) than with the words of Jaume Solé Rubió, the late native of Calafell and lover of the sea and our town’s rich historical past: “The popular wisdom of local cuisines, with their variety and extent, is an inexhaustible source of pleasant surprises for good palates. This is the case in Calafell, especially in terms of the seafaring tradition of some of its people. As part of the variety and richness of traditional cuisine there is “l’arrossejat”, the sum and compendium of a unique way of understanding our cuisine.”

The Arrossejat Gastronomic Fortnight kicks off the arrossejat gathering events held each year on Calafell beach, right next to the Fishermen’s Association. We encourage you to come along to this culinary event which is traditional in our town.