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A Bath Music 2015

Calafell English students will hold a concert on July 24

Calafell reaches a concert by the British band Lady Manners School students organized by the Municipal Tourism Calafell. The event, which is free, is scheduled for Friday July 24 at the Plaza Països Catalans (Calafell) at 19 hours. Music is one of the main values ​​of this school has a large number of ensembles including a symphony orchestra, several choirs, concert bands, string groups, jazz orchestra and a set of traditional music. The orchestra was formed over thirty years and during that time has enjoyed numerous successes. The years 2007 and 2012, the orchestra senior rope was also awarded for his outstanding performance in the same national festival, with music by Elgar, Britten and Grieg. Since 2004 the music department chooses one of the formations to make a tour around the country during the summer, performing in places like London, Edinburgh, Oxford and Yorkshire. This tour of Catalonia will be the third of the orchestra, after they offered concerts in Budapest (2010) and Tuscany (2012).