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What to visit?

Silent and unconditional testimonies of a rich and glory past are some of the paths that history has left over the years: an exciting travel to the period of Iberian in the Iberian fortress, which combines harmoniously archaeological research and recreational aspects, educational and tourist; The remains of two tanks of the ancient Roman villa of Vilarenc; transfer to the life of the past within the city walls of the stately and elegant medieval castle of the Santa Creu, with one of the most peculiar views of Calafell, the compulsory visit to the church of Sant Miquel, situated in the modern neighbourhood of Segur de Calafell; The visit to one of the almost non-existent houses of fishermen: the Casa Barral Museum. This is a place where the likable writer Carlos Barral spent long and enjoyable seasons, under the watchful eye of the Calafell beach; The “indiano” houses, Spanish-American, (Spaniards who returned to Spain having made his fortune in Latin America) – as Cal Bolavà or Cal Perico-, the Monument to the Fisherman, the lifeboat as a symbol of identity for many people from Calafell has an peculiarity: spins on its axis and always returns to its original position -… are some of the many wonderful examples of our heritage. The former building of the fishing cooperative, the emblematic “Pes”, has become the Calafell Fishermen’s Interpretation Centre and explains part of the collective past, of the more recent history of the maritime district. A space that has been created to keep alive the legacy of the beach “with most wood” along the Catalan coast, as it was described by the author Carlos Barral. Find about how its community lived and was structured: the relationship between the boat owners and the crew, the work done in the sea and on land, their social and cultural expressions, in short, a way of living that transports one back to the last century.

We don’t have to forget the magnificent golf course in the Graiera, a 18 hole course, suitable for all levels and characterized by large lakes located strategically, and spectacular views.

The three main arteries of the town are distributed into three different centers:
Calafell, the most rural, old and quiet zone.
Calafell beach, a fishing village, where the phenomenon of tourism has made this part of the town a commercial gastronomic area and an entertainment place. There are a wide range of different offers.
Segur de Calafell, boasts about a wide beach and a modern marina.

Calafell is much more than sun and beach. DISCOVER, SURPRISE YOURSELF AND ENJOY the beautiful places you will find in our town.